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The Truth Debate was designed to have people upload videos to share their opinions regardless of your beliefs.  We realize there are a number of people who aren’t comfortable being in front of a camera.  If you’re one of these, no problem we have you covered.  Android users have the option of uploading either a video or audio and for our iPhone users, just record a video with the camera pointing to the ground – it’s your viewpoint that’s important.

We 100% believe in everyone’s right to free speech regardless of their beliefs.  The views of a white supremacist or Nation of Islam supporter are no less valid than any other regardless of how repugnant they may be to the rest of society.  As such, we provided the ability to block uploads, block users and report extremely offensive, hate related, and/or abusive uploads to us by clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper right hand corner of any upload.  We we will respond to any reported upload within 24 hours. We value free speech but uploads containing very offensive, abusive or hate related content will be deleted from The Truth Debate.  Remember our primary guideline – Be Respectful.

Learn more about our outlets below and enjoy The Truth Debate.  We look forward to hearing from you.

America, the Racist?

Is there any doubt we live in a racist America?  When a Clay County Development Corporation employee posted on Facebook she is glad Michelle Obama will no longer be in the White House because “I'm tired of seeing a Ape in heels” (her illiteracy not ours), do we not live in a racist country?  When a Baltimore middle school teacher calls her students “punk-ass n*****s”, do we not live in a racist country?  Does seeing the "N" word spelled out or spoken for any reason offend you?  Why are white corporate executives fired for saying the "N word" in non-racist context when it remains an acceptable common phrase within the black community?  When letters are sent to Islamic mosques calling Muslims “the children of Satan” stating Trump will do to Muslims what Hitler did to Jews, do we not live in a racist country? 

Why are we considered racist when we push to deny benefits to illegal immigrants?  Why should U.S. citizens be forced to burden the cost for healthcare, education, and everything else for people who illegally live and work in this country?  Why are white Americans denied college admission or employment in favor of non-white (and sometimes less qualified) ethnic counterparts?  Does "white privilege" exist in our judicial system and society in general?

Do police departments spend more time on public relations than arresting their own who deserve prosecution as the killings continue?  Why do we vilify innocent police officers who risk their lives everyday because of the few who deserve to be behind bars?  If sharing an experience with law enforcement, please stick to the facts.  All views are important as racial profiling and discrimination do exist but disparaging rants will be deleted.  NOTE FROM OUR COMPANY CEO:  We understand this is a very emotional topic but one that is very important to address and openly debate as police brutality and discrimination do exist.  We will monitor this section very closely; deleting posts and terminating accounts linked to inappropriate comments.  Far too many great men and women have lost their lives protecting the communities they served and the actions of a few will not taint the memory or gratitude our nation has for these fallen heroes.

Does the African American community experience more discrimination than other racial groups?  Why do we hear more about Black Lives Matter when All Lives Matter?  How can the African American community help themselves when more black-on-black crimes occur among them than any other racial group? 

Why is racism experienced within ethnic groups?  Colorism exist among different racial groups and African Americans are accused of selling out to a white society because they don’t sound "black" enough.  And what about the terminology?  Black?  African American?  Those American citizens who are not direct descendants or recent immigrants from the African continent, are these labels offensive and how do you classify yourself?  Why do we use any labels – African American, Mexican American, Native American?  Do ethnic labels contribute to racism and an 'Us' vs. 'Them' mentality?  Cultural pride is great but are labels more divisive?

Is racism prevalent in America?  Many viewpoints will be shared and a great amount of liberty will be granted as we fully believe in everyone’s First Amendment rights – the truths of white supremacists or the Nation of Islam are no less valid because they may be repugnant to others in society.  Some postings may have warnings attached, but only those that are vile, obscene, or full of hatred will be deleted.  This is for intelligent debate, not racist tirades.  (Suggested topics:  Do Black Lives Matter to Black People?; Colorism; Racial Profiling; The "N" Word; Police Brutality; Blue Lives Matter; Riot vs. Uprising; Dating Only Within Your Race; Race Discounts Job Ability; Color Biased Judicial System; Reverse Discrimination; Affirmative Action: An Ethnic Dream or White Nightmare?; Being Muslim in America or In Any Other Nation)

Family & Sexuality

Whether you are a nuclear family, parenting a gay or transgendered child, a gay couple parenting children, a single parent, or a blended family combining cultures and values, today’s families face challenges unlike those of previous generations.  Family dynamics are as diverse as ever and this diversity is not always met with open arms.  Do we struggle with family structures different from ours?  Are more traditional families needed (at least those that actually stay together)?

Around 50% of all marriages still end in divorce (it will be interesting as time passes to see if this statistic holds true for same-sex marriages as well).  The numbers haven’t changed over the years but have the circumstances?  With more financially independent women and the active lifestyles of those over 40, has marriage become more disposable for those in their later years as they seek to re-define themselves?  Are marriage and monogamy outdated concepts?  Can open marriages really be healthy for relationships?  Not to fault only men for marital breakups, but if any guy out there is thinking of straying, adopt this as your theme song.

Whether it’s ‘Nature vs. Nurture’ or violations of civil rights, LGBT issues are regular news stories.  With courts ruling in favor of same-sex marriages and Corporate America extending benefits to domestic partners, why do LGBTs still face discrimination on a regular basis?  Are heterosexuals threatened by the LGBT community or is it the LGBT community that is threatening?  Do LGBTs have the same expectations as the heterosexual population or do they seek preferential treatment?  Did the pendulum swing to the left to make up for past inequalities or has it not swung far enough?  Should children be allowed to make gender identity decisions?

We realize this can be a volatile section as people have deep rooted beliefs.  Our hope is we can communicate our viewpoints and debate them intelligently without personal attacks.  If we are not able to learn from and understand each other’s perspective, we as societies cannot grow beyond the bigotry and discrimination many face.  We can always agree to disagree…respectfully.  (Suggested topics:  Nuclear, Single Parent, Blended, and Same-Sex Families; Raising Today’s Kids; Triumphs and Tribulations; Is Sexuality Nature or Nurture?; Being Gay in a Heterosexual Marriage; Open Marriages; Gender Identity; Starting Over After a Death or Divorce)

Cuisine & Libations

If we are what we eat, what does our favorite food and beverages say about us?  What are your preferred eats, drinks and combos?  Burgers or Pizza?  Craft brew or the Big 5?  Fries, Onion Rings or Cheese Curds? Blended Margarita or Over Ice? Is it OK to have red wine with fish or white wine with steak?  What is the best ‘go to’ combo for BBQs, tailgates or just hanging out with that special someone?  What is your favorite when celebrating or drowning out your sorrows? 

Coke or Pepsi?  Starbucks or the local coffee hangout? And why do we pay $5 for a cup of coffee?  What’s the best drink to hydrate?  Does anything beat an ice cold beer in the summer? 

If you can eat or drink it, we want to talk about it.  Also, tell us the grossest or most bizarre thing you ever ate or drank (we’ll give a little leeway if you at least tried to swallow it).  Vote on the ones you think are the most disgusting and top vote getters will be pinned to the outlet’s home page.  Enjoy.

Social Struggles

We face old challenges but with a modern spin.  Bullying has been around for decades, but the current suicide rates among our youth from bullying is an outrage.  In the past, those at the wrong end of the stick were told to “just suck it up,” but today’s tactics go far beyond the face-to-face conflicts previously faced.  Social media makes it far too easy to anonymously post pictures and secretly attack others online for “the world to see” bringing shame on the victim.  And it's not just kids who are at risk.  Although far more women are victims, both sexes are being harassed with cyberstalking becoming the avenue of choice.  Emails, texts, IMs, social media posts, etc. are used to “attack” someone out of anger, revenge, or control.

No words can convey the pain many families experience with the unacceptably high number of youths hospitalized with suicidal thoughts or actions and those who took their own life.  Traditional bullying and Cyberbullying play major rolls but what are other contributing factors?  Why are so many young people contemplating and committing suicide instead of talking to mom & dad?  Are parents disconnected from their children?  Has social media replaced parents as the dominant influence in a kid's life?   

What is the perfect body?  Throughout human history there were only two perfect bodies as they were created by the hand of God (if you believe the Bible)According to the CDC, the average American male is 5'10", 195.5 pounds, and has a 39.7" waist.  The average American woman is 5'4", weighs 166.2 pounds, and a size 14-16.  So, why do magazines, advertisers, and clothing manufactures spend billions trying to reach the mythical American?  Have unrealistic expectations of physical appearances led to body shaming, depression, and even suicidal thoughts and actions and why?  Obesity is a national concern affecting all ages with millions are spent on education and treatment programs, but should the government regulate what we eat and drink?  Are overweight people (as defined by the World Health Organization) critically judged?  If so, why?  It's their life.

Whether you feel as if don't fit in (even though that could be a good thing), being bullied, or struggle with how you look - remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said: Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Criticism says more about the other person than you but that may not take the pain away.  We hope The Truth Debate will also be a community of support and can put in you contact with any counseling resources you may need - simply contact us.  And remember - you are beautiful just the way you are!

Should marijuana be legalized once and for all?  In twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia, marijuana use is legal yet still federally illegal.  How is this possible?  Alcohol and cigarettes aren’t legal in some states and illegal in others.  Why is ingesting marijuana federally illegal yet we freely consume alcohol and smoke cigarettes?  According to MADD, drunk driving costs the U.S. $132 billion annually and the American Lung Association estimates tobacco costs the nation $333 billion per year in health-care expenses and lost productivity.  Would marijuana use be any worse for society?  Think of all the tax revenue to be gained by this new “sin tax.”  Shouldn’t states and the federal government be eager to tap the marijuana revenue base?

Should the Federal Government spend its time, and our money, chasing down illegal immigrants or those healthy, physically capable U.S. citizens abusing government benefits instead of getting a job?  Government programs are great for those hard working Americans who have fallen on hard times and need temporary assistance; but with an estimated $137 billion in improper payments paid out in 2015, shouldn't resolving this be a higher priority?  Whether they are social or political concerns, immigration and welfare reform continue to be two major issues dividing our country.

Bullying; body shaming; physical, psychological or substance abuse; welfare reform; depression are some of the social concerns facing us today.  We welcome debating as many issues as possible in hopes of finding some solutions.  We are hurting too much and need to begin searching for answers.  Without levying personal attacks, let's discuss the issues and see if some common ground can be found.  For some, this is very personal.  Understand – you are not alone.  There are others struggling through the same situation as you.  If you're more comfortable, create another account and post an anonymous audio.  Please use our Contact Us form at the bottom of any page and we will provide you with confidential counselors to help you through your situation.  (Suggested topics:  Bullying; Domestic Violence; PTSD; Smoker vs. Non-Smoker Rights; Body Shaming; Substance Abuse; Legalizing Marijuana; The Skin I'm In; Welfare – a High Paying Job; Justice for All – Rich vs. Poor)

Political Crossroads

Was the 2016 U.S. Presidential race the most historic ever?  Has the United States ever been a more polarized nation even before the final ballots were counted?  With the loser receiving over 2.8 million more votes than the winner, is it time to abolish the Electoral College?  Or did it do as intended and help all states, big and small, decide the presidency?  What are your opinions on President Trump, his ideas, and policies?  Should Americans be more supportive of our president instead of continuing to vilify him? 

What about the rest of our elected officials?  It’s always the other guy’s representative who’s the problem.  Distrust in political establishments is universal around the globe.  As societies, we cannot resign ourselves to systems we believe will never change so we’ll just bitch about it.  Why do we have elected officials to “represent us” yet have no idea what they do all year and how are they held accountable to us?  Has the two-party system in the U.S.failed to reflect the views of all – leading to movements such as the Alt-Right gaining relevance?

Would we be better off with less Federal regulations and more legal relativism?  Should states have more control over issues directly impacting them such as welfare and immigration?  After all, what does California have in common with Kansas?  With more control at the state level, wouldn’t it be easier to hold elected officials more accountable?  In any democracy, elected officials are accountable to the people – shouldn’t this be a reality and not a far-flung fantasy?

Let’s discuss real topics that affect our lives and engage one another as we debate: gun control, same-sex marriages, immigration, welfare reform, right to life, right to die, legalizing marijuana, etc.  Most of us have very strong opinions; let’s intelligently voice them without attacking each other in hopes of raising awareness and, as a collective group, seek to make changes - it has to start somewhere.  (Suggested topics:  The Trump Presidency – Fears and Fiction; What Should the Second Amendment Cover?; Our Founding Fathers and AR-15s; Gun Control Doesn’t Stop Gun Violence; Immigration; Should Non-U.S. Citizens Receive Government Benefits?; Rights of the Unborn and Terminally Ill, Political Issues Faced by Our International Friends)

Got Talent?

Who out there can really sing?  Do we have any stand-up comics?  Can you throw down the dance moves, perform an incredible athletic feat, or is riding a unicycle while juggling and drinking milk through your nose more up your alley?  Post your video and let others vote on your talent.  The top 5 most liked videos in each category will stay pinned to their home page until they are bumped out of the top positions – so choose your favorites.  (Suggested topics:  Singing, Dancing, Comedy, Air Guitar, Sports, Other)

Only The Young

Baby Boomers and the Never Too Old crowd may have the most disposable income but it’s the Millennials (and Xennials) who can wield the greatest influence.  Millennials are the largest generation in history but it’s not just from their size why they can exert power.  In today’s digital age, their use of technology and social media is unrivaled (except for the Twitter master living on Pennsylvania Avenue)

Millennials not only have the skills to mass communicate in force and organize to drive social & political change but they are far more active and outspoken than previous generations were at the same age.  Millennial are on the forefront of many issues facing our society.  They grew up with LGBTQ classmates and are more likely to support same-sex marriages, feel marijuana should be legal, and in 2016, cast more votes in support of Bernie Sanders than Clinton and Trump combined.  And this voting block can shape elections for years to come.

Millennials also face challenges unlike those of previous generations.  Many are burdened with excessive debt from college loans and had to move back home.  They are putting off getting married and finding “the right job”.  Is it because they have seen so much divorce and people unhappy in their careers?  The social media they embrace has also taken a psychological toll – many have also been victimized by body shaming and cyberstalking.   (If this has happened to you or you have been abused, assaulted or subject to other forms of harassment which you would like to discuss, please post it under Social Struggles or use the Contact Us link and we'll get right back to you).

We would like to hear and learn from you Millennials.  Where do you stand on many of the political, social, and financial issues everyone faces on a daily basis?  And what about you Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers?  These are your kids and grandchildren who grew up receiving participation trophies.  Are Millennials living the Peter Pan syndrome, have an entitlement mentality, and just need to grow up and join the real world?  You Millenials may be too young to know much about this group but here is Journey's song dedicated to you.  (Suggested topics:  Body Image; Political Correctness; LGBTQ; Discrimination and Immigration; Smoking, Drugs and Drinking; Your Future; All About Me)

Kings & Queens

There are many social and political issues (LGBT rights, gun control, immigration, unemployment, global warming, etc.) in the news and you may have thought ‘If I was in charge, I would…’  . Well, here’s your chance.  You’re a king or queen with the ability to make one decree.  You have the power, so what law or program would you create to bring about a social, political, economic, climate, or financial change? 

Be specific about the change you would make, its effect on society, and how it would be implemented.  If you disagree with someone’s “new law”, don’t just comment ‘that’s stupid’.  Post a plausible rebuttal why it wouldn’t work or isn’t good for society and your alternative.  We certainly don’t have to agree but let’s be respectful.  (Suggested topics:  Anything you would like to change, why, and how)

Sports & Celebs

Go ahead and brag about your favorite football or fútbol team and see how many will claim to have a better one.  Sports are wonderful unifying activities – the World Cup is the greatest international sporting event (is this debatable?).  But within sports, as in life, there are issues needing to be addressed which the powers-at-be would rather brush under the carpet.  Racism and discrimination are as prevalent in sports as anywhere in society.  How many head coaches in the NFL, NHL, or MLB are of any color but white? Although inroads are being made, golf, hockey, swimming, and tennis are still predominantly “white person” sports. 

Sports are also one of the last areas where homosexuality isn’t accepted.  Would a man’s sexual orientation make him less of a teammate or a locker room distraction?  Homosexuality is also an absurd double standard.  Men are shunned when they come out but female athletes are assumed to be gay – how else could they be so good?  Is it fair for transgendered women to compete in female sports?

A double standard in athletics is also seen in off-field activities as well.  Consider how sexual assaults involving athletes are handled.  Why are athletes treated differently than the average Joe when confronted with legal issues?  We routinely see this in professional as well as college athletics.  Is it really just about the almighty dollar?  Considering the absurd amount of money flowing to the NCAA and professional organizations, where are their priorities?

Speaking about money, why don’t we pay college athletes based on their worth?  Coaches make millions and universities reap tens of millions annually off the talents of student athletes.  College football players receive tuition, room and board, books, and maybe a little spending money and often are left with injuries plaguing them for the rest of their lives.  Since only 1.5% of NCAA football players make it to the NFL, shouldn't these young men be paid based on their skills and the risks they take?

How "white" and sexist is Hollywood?  Are people of color, in front and behind the cameras, treated differently from their white counterparts?  Why do actresses consistently earn less than their male co-stars? And what is up with our celebrity obsession?  Why do we care about the Royal Family across the pond or the latest who's with who & Hollywood gossip?  Because it’s fun!  Let’s talk about your favorite juice or debate who’s hot and who’s not.  (Suggested topics:  Where are the Black Coaches; Racism in Sports; Lack of TV Coverage of Women’s Athletics; White Only Sports; Gay Female Athletes Are Expected, Men Taboo; Paying College Athletes; CTE & Concussions; PEDs in Sports; Are Pro Players Worth the Money?; Hollywood’s Hottest, Can’t Sing but Still a Superstar)

Dear Younger Me

As we age, some were blessed to have traveled along a smooth road and gathered a pearl or two of wisdom along way.  For others, life’s been a very bumpy ride with experiences coming from the school of hard knocks.  Both good and bad, what we went through shaped us into who we are today.  There may have been times when we thought if we knew then what we know now, how different our life could have been.   If only someone was there to advise us or share their experience, who knows how things may have turned out.

Some of us have struggled with addictions or abuses.  Many may have made very poor decisions but heck we were young and didn’t know better.  Others didn’t make decisions or follow their dreams and regret it to this day.  We can’t turn back time and are left to deal with the decision we may or may not have made.  But, if you had the chance, what would you say to the younger you? 

What advice would you give to help get you through the addictive or abusive times?  What would you say to avoid the pitfalls you experienced and still may be struggling to overcome?  What encouragement would you give yourself to motivate you to go for that dream regardless of what your family, friends, or spouse (ouch!) may say that you regret to this day for not going after?

The Truth Debate has users of all ages so here is your chance to pay it forward.  The advice you give to the younger you may be the encouragement someone needs to hear right now to help get them through a difficult situation when they feel they’re all alone with nowhere to turn.  Someone may be contemplating a life decision with no one excited about it but them.  Instead of listening to all the Nay Sayers, motivate yourself to go for it.  After all, it’s your life and if you don’t do it now, you may live to regret it.

Tell the younger you your current age and the age of the ‘you’, you’re advising.  MercyMe’s song ‘Dear Younger Me’ has a great line about the choices that you'll make are the choices that made me.  Some of us love the me we became.  So, thank yourself for a specific decision you made or situation you worked through that positively affected your life – someone may need to hear this guidance.  Others of us are still dealing with the pains of our past.  We know this isn’t an easy thing to do, but we are sure there are plenty of people dealing with the same situation you experienced and need encouragement to know they are not alone and looking for advice to help get through it.  If it is very personal, create another account and post an audio clip.  Whatever your situation, you may help make a today’s young person a better older person later in life.

Take a few minutes and enjoy MercyMe’s ‘Dear Younger Me ’.  (Advise your younger self on: Career Decisions; Relationships; Taking Chances; Overcoming Fears; Handling Addictions; Dealing with Abuse; etc.)


Digital Crack

About 46.1% of the world’s population is online – that’s over 3.7 billion people!  The Internet provides instant access to virtually everything.  We follow ground breaking stories as they develop, alerted when anything happens with our favorite sports team, stream movies, and download music.  We pay bills, send money, buy billions of dollars’ worth of stuff, diagnosis our latest illness, find our future spouse, and invite friends over for dinner to ignore each other as we all tap away on our phones.  It is amazing what we can do with just a few clicks.   Unfortunately, there is also a dark side.  Families have been destroyed by digital obsessions that are as psychologically, emotionally, and physically addicting as any drug, obsessive behavior, or action. 

Spending hours online every day and addictions to online gambling & pornography sites are having dire effects on our society. estimates online gaming is a $37 billion industry.  Digital porn is a multi-billion dollar industry as well.  Yes, they are billion with a ‘B’ industries and readily available 24/7 anywhere, from any device by people from all walks of life.  A Covenant Eyes survey stated 56% of divorce cases involved one party having an obsessive interest in pornographic websites and 64% of Christian men and 15% of Christian women say they watch porn at least once a month.

And it’s not just online gambling and porn ruining families.  It’s also our net obsession. states 12.5% of Americans are addicted to the Internet.  We are spending way too much time on gaming sites, social media, and just surfing the Net.  What began as a harmless pastime grew into an obsession with people spending hours online every day and neglecting relationships.

Our hope is for community members to share their stories so others will realize they do not need to feel ashamed or face their problems alone – there is help.  These are very personal issues so feel free to create another account and upload an anonymous audio file.  We understand the seriousness of this issue and don’t want to be hypocritical and encourage struggling people to stay online with us.  But if watching or listening to a post helps someone to know they are not alone, maybe they will have the courage to seek the help they need – and we will be the first to welcome them never spending another minute on The Truth Debate.  If you need help, please use the Contact Us form for us to provide you with confidential counseling resources.  This could be day one of the rest of your life.  We thank those who post here; you may never know but your story might save a life.  (Suggested topics:  Online Gambling and Gaming; Pornography Addiction; Obsessed with Staying Online, Phubbing Family and Friends)

What the Heck?!

The title says it all. Share your opinion on topics that would make someone scratch their head.  Are you a conspiracy theorist and wonder about all the things governments are covering up such as extra-terrestrials?  Why are women paid less than men or not allowed to age gracefully and let nature runs its course as their male counterparts?  What is your view on hunting – sport or cowardice?  Considering age gaps in relationships, women are called ‘Cougars’ and men usually ‘Perverts’ – do men really do it for only one reason (and what about women)?  Are astrologists, psychics, fortune tellers, and mediums scammers or true to their calling?  (Suggested topics:  The above plus anything else you can imagine)

Holier than Thou

Throughout the centuries, wars have been waged and thousands killed in the name of religion.  Some are very passionate in their beliefs and faithfully attend a place of worship, others may pass through the doors only on Christmas and Easter, and many have no religious beliefs whatsoever.  Yet when the topic of religion arises, it’s amazing how many of us have strong opinions. 

Let's explore, learn, debate, and grow in our understanding of various religious views.  How can so many religious groups consider themselves ‘Christians’ but have very different beliefs and convictions?  And what is up with these mega-churches with their mega-million dollar earning pastors living in mega-million dollar homes?  Is that WWJD?

Some people are narrow minded in their faith (their words not ours) that there is only one way to heaven where others believe there are multiple paths to the Promised Land.  Is “the church” in touch with how they are reaching people when only 36% of Americans believe the bible is true?  Are churches even relevant to millennials or have they just become a gathering place for older, like-minded people to meet and feel good about themselves?

Whether you’re religious, agnostic, or atheist, we want to hear and learn from you.  Religions have a lot to do with faith but let's see if we can debate our different beliefs based more on facts than feelings.  We would love to hear from our Muslim friends about their beliefs and how it differs from what is being perverted as Islamic by ISIS and Al-Qaeda.  Let’s see how many open dialogues we can have regarding all religions and seek to have a better understanding, and appreciation for, each other’s beliefs.  (Suggested topics:  Only One Way to Heaven; Baptist, Catholic, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witnesses – Are All “Christians” Christians?; The Hypocritical Church; Homosexual Christians; Islam – Radical, Peaceful, Misunderstood; Science vs. Creationism; The Role of Today's Church; Does God Exist?; All Religious or Secular Beliefs)

Never Too Old

Many men and women over 40 are in fantastic shape and far more active than their parents ever had been.  For some, life is a mindset with age a meaningless number. Do we see more twenty-plus year marriages dissolve as one or both spouses are done “staying together for the kids” and feel vibrant enough to re-kindle their love of life? 

What happens when in the later years you lose your job and struggle to find employment?  Are you at the wrong end of the age curve or facing the reality that people of all ages are struggling in today’s job market?  

This is an exciting time from some and absolutely frightening for others.  Whether this is the best of times or the toughest you’ve faced, there is support and encouragement as you learn from others who have been there, done that, or are doing it. Let’s make the ‘Golden Years’ the best they can be for us.  (Suggested topics:  Life After a 20+ Year Marriage Ends; Struggling Being Over 40 and Unemployed; Does Sex Get Better as We Age?; Physically Fit and Everywhere To Go; Is 50 Too Old for a Ferrari?; Overcoming Lonliness)

World Affairs

We live in a global interconnected economy.  Yet, most Americans lack an understanding of world politics and international affairs.  Are we in the U.S. too egocentric to care?  Unfortunately, we are more aware due to terrorist activities abroad but do we understand the “Why” things are happening?  People in the Middle East have been fighting since the days of Abraham.  The division can be traced back to Isaac and Ishmael but why the intense hatred?  Aren’t they all Arabs and why are non-Muslims infidels worthy of death?  Why does America’s government stick our noses (and the rest of our soldiers’ bodies) into regions where we’re not wanted and continually under attack?

And who the heck is Brexit and what is up with that little guy in the east with the cool hair cut?  We would greatly appreciate if you from around the world can enlighten and educate us Americans to better understand global affairs (then we can intelligently tell you why you’re wrong).  (Suggested topics:  Brexit; Climate Change; The North Korean Threat; The Middle East – Why Are We There?; The China Factor; Americans – Fat, Lazy, and Arrogant; Russia’s Global Intentions)


If you have something you would like to discuss and it doesn't fit in any of the above categories, add it here in the catch-all outlet.  As we receive enough similar uploads in a general category, we will create a new outlet for these posts.  So, feel free to come up with any topic you would like to debate and help decide some of the new outlets added to The Truth Debate.