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is transgender a mental disorder

  • Matt Lowe
  • Published - Jun 27, 2018
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I believe the top of it needs to be debated I think it will be fun

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Michael unknown Published - Aug 01, 2018

yes, totally, if you're willing to deal with that shit, you're crazy.

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Michael unknown Published - Jul 25, 2018

no, traps are one of gods mistakes.

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Joshua B Published - Jul 22, 2018

I wouldn't phrase it as a "mental disorder," although, I would classify it as that. Biologically speaking, our brains are wired to have a desire to reproduce with the opposite sex. If your brain is urging you to reproduce with the same sex, there IS something not functioning properly within your mind. That being said, I believe it's okay to have those feelings and they shouldn't be hidden or concealed. But to put it simply, being gay, lesbian, transgender, bi-sexual, or anything other than straight, your brain is not functioning as it was created to.

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chase w. Published - Jul 16, 2018

well put. the acceptance of this mental disorder just introduces so much confusion

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Admin User Published - Jul 04, 2018

User Matt Lowe posted a video stating his view and desire to discuss transgender identity. If you choose to respond, whatever your belief, please also keep it respectful so any user can read/watch comments and gain a better understanding. Any attacking or disparaging comments will be deleted and your account subject to be terminated.