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Craft Beer

  • TJ Wheat
  • Published - Apr 25, 2018
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My thoughts on the craft beer industry

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Matt Lowe Published - Jun 27, 2018

for a non-drinker I mean craft beers are great cuz I love the idea of people buying locally

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The Eleutherian Published - May 22, 2018

I absolutely love craft beers and I think more should be done to deregulate the beer industry. Many of the big breweries have lobbyists in the state-houses, making it difficult for craft brewers to sell directly to customers of to even get a foothold across state lines. The government is definitely picking winners and losers.

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The Eleutherian Published - Apr 25, 2018


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Roberta Gould Published - Apr 25, 2018

Not much of a beer drinker unless it's red beer, but love the craft brewers that are starting up. Have friends that do it.

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TJ Wheat Published - Apr 25, 2018

we have multiple breweries around us here in Dallas that our very family friendly. I’m glad to see that communities are embracing the Brewery culture.